I will support you with the integrating and programming of industrial automation solutions:

  • Siemens S5, S7 and TIA Portal specialist,
  • WinCC SCADA,
  • Protool, Wincc Flexible, TIA Portal and Unified HMI,
  • Equipment retrofits,
  • Specialist in the connection of equipment for data transmission for IOT, OEE, TRS...
  • Continuous improvment.


As a true specialist, I will set up networks within your production lines:

  • Profibus, Profinet,
  • Open communication over Ethernet, S7 or TIA Portal,
  • Development of specific protocols in Ethernet, on S7 or TIA Portal.

Project Analysis

As a true partner, I will support you for each step of your project:

  • specifications of the project,
  • equipments reception,
  • monitoring process,
  • writing your programming standards,
  • programming hardware architectures.


I will help your teams develop their skills through different types of training:

  • classical trainings: S5, S7, TIA Portal, Safety, Profibus and Profinet,
  • tailored trainings in link with your projects and equipments.

You have an automation project in your factory?


You have an automation project in your factory ?

Professional background

Automate SIEMENS S5 95U


The beginnings

I set up my first assembly line and worked for the first time with the S5 95 U range from Siemens. Two years later, I started working with the S7 400 PLCs.

Automate SIEMENS S7 400H

2000 - 2005

Technical manager

I worked as a technical manager for the Fluides Service Distribution Company (a Siemens distributor). I was in charge of all the steps to implement the equipment, from the pre-sales to the training for the equipment. I was involved in projects on oil platforms (Iran, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait) as well as on shipyards (Iran, South Korea).

Automatisme Industriel Toulouse

Since 2005

Automatismes industriels de Toulouse

I founded my company to support industries in the start-up, programming and continuous improvement of their assembly lines, in the area of Toulouse but also abroad (Switzerland, Spain). For the last 15 years, I have realized different tailor-made projects, including for special machinery manufacturers.



Automatismes industriels de Toulouse


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